At Morrell Financial Management, our Independent Financial Adviser operates across the whole of the financial market, looking into alternative and traditional investments with the aim to build trusted, long lasting professional relationships with our clients and delivering to them the attractive returns that they desire within the appropriate levels of risk.

We believe in treating our customers fairly and our service focused practice puts them at the heart of our actions. We are a family run business, and we understand how important your family is to you. Whether that means protecting them from the unexpected, or making sure that they are provided for both during your lifetime and beyond. Our business is run by husband and wife team Andrew and Helen, our daughter Beatrice also likes to help out when she can, although at the moment that is limited to tidying the stationery cupboard (although to be fair it is usually her that messes it up!!).

We use modern technology to help streamline our business, meaning our clients receive information more quickly than ever before. And because we’re backed by a team of finance and technology experts at Julian Harris, our clients have the peace of mind that they have a strong and experienced team working with them.