Our fees are set out in the Client Agreement which we agree with you before any work is undertaken. We offer an initial meeting, which is at our own expense, where we can discuss your situation and how we can work together. From there, we will offer our recommendations and allow you to decide whether you wish to proceed.

Initial Service

All of our initial consultations are free to you, done at our cost and you are under no obligation to have any further work carried out. Should you decide to proceed with our recommendations and financial arrangements are implemented, we will make an initial charge either based on a percentage of the amounts involved (typically 3% of the first £150,000 and 1% of anything above that) or, if you prefer, an hourly rate of £200 per hour plus VAT. Any fee will be agreed before any work is carried out and confirmed in writing in your Financial Planning report or relevant product disclosure document, including any applicable VAT.

Ongoing Service

We believe that regularly reviewing both your goals and your plans is the best way to ensure they continue to remain achievable and successful. In fact, we believe that regularly reviewing your portfolio is more important than the initial recommendation. Over time markets, tax treatment and the suitability of your investments and pensions may change. We insist on sitting down with our clients for reviews at least once per year and preferably once every 6 months. The ongoing service fee covers the cost of ongoing advice and investment management services, including bi-annual face to face review meetings. The charge is normally expressed as a % of the overall funds being managed and is usually deducted on a monthly basis directly from your portfolio. Currently our Ongoing Service fee is 0.5% per annum for yearly reviews and 0.75% per annum for 6 monthly reviews.