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Complaints Procedure Summary

At Julian Harris Financial Consultants & Julian Harris Mortgages Ltd, our aim is to provide you, at all times, with a first-class standard of service and the highest standards of advice. However, there may be occasions when you feel that these objectives have not been achieved. We take all complaints seriously and will deal with your concerns in the following manner.


We will acknowledge your complaint in writing within five working days of receipt, outlining (if appropriate) our understanding of the complaint and requesting copies of any evidence you may have in support of your complaint, together with any authority we need to approach third parties in the course of investigating your complaint. We will also advise you of the circumstances in which you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service and supply you with the relevant booklet.

If we have reasonable grounds to be satisfied that another firm may be solely or jointly responsible for the concerns arising, we will promptly forward the complaint or the relevant part of it to that firm. We will write to you to confirm our actions and provide contact details of the firm concerned.
Where we are able to resolve your complaint within 3 full business days following receipt, and this is to your satisfaction, we will issue a written summary of our findings and conclusion. If having received this letter you remain dissatisfied, you may refer the issue to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) who can be contacted at: The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR, Telephone 0800 0234 567 or www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk. We will also provide you with a copy or link to the Financial Ombudsman Service leaflet; ‘your complaint and the ombudsman’.

If your complaint is regarding a pension contract, the Pension Ombudsman can consider complaints about the administration of personal and group personal pensions as well as occupational schemes. You have the right to refer your complaint to The Pensions Ombudsman free of charge. The Pensions Ombudsman can be contacted at 10 South Colonnade, Canary Wharf, E14 4PU, Telephone 0800 917
4487 or


We will carry out a balanced and objective investigation, without any preconceptions, aimed at identifying the facts of the case.

Keeping in contact:

If the investigation has not been concluded within four weeks from the date the complaint was received, we will advise you of the position and the reasons for the delay. If the investigation has not been concluded within eight weeks, we will advise you of the position and the reason for the delay and remind you of your right to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service. The Financial Ombudsman Service is an independent, free service for resolving disputes with financial firms.

Final Response:

When the investigation has been completed, a response letter will be sent to you, this will include: • An outline of your complaint.
• The factors considered as part of the investigation and the reasoning underlying the conclusions reached.
• The outcome of the investigation.

We shall deem the matter closed when our Final Decision Letter has been issued or where you have accepted our earlier summary resolution communication.